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Most folks in Williston come from somewhere else. That diversity adds to the wonderful character of the area. Just like many residents here, our buildings and items comes from a variety of places. The Frontier Museum lets you visit the train depot from Alamo, a house from right in town, and exhibits collected from the far reaches of the plains. 


History is better when it's not behind a rope. The Frontier Museum provides a variety of experiences to inspire, entertain, and pass on a wealth of knowledge. 

Bike Friendly
Bring a Picnic
Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pit
Easy to Find
 Facilities on site
Explore Native Flora

“I felt like I really learned something. It's easy to forget how much history there is around here!”

“One of the coolest places in Williston I've visited so far... There was just so much to see that I'll have to come back.”

“I sat down at a desk in the schoolhouse and I could just imagine being in a one room school on the prairie!”

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