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history needs your help!

Come on, admit it, volunteering is good and good for you! Do you enjoy history? Want to contribute to your community? We need volunteers like you to keep The Frontier Museum working. Just let us know what interests you, what kind of a schedule works for you, and when you would like to get started! Volunteering at The Frontier Museum is a great way to grow your knowledge, your resume, and utilize your skills -or develop new ones.

We welcome people of all ages and interest levels. 

The Frontier Museum-2
The Frontier Museum-16
The Frontier Museum-19
The Frontier Museum-15
The Frontier Museum-12
The Frontier Museum-11

Ask us about new events, or consider proposing an idea you may have! 


We need help with:


-Grounds Keeping


-Tour Guides

-Event Coordinating


-Social Media

-Website Development

-...and much more! 


Are you a great story teller? Do you know some regional history you might like to share? Or maybe you're crafts skills are great! We can always use an extra handyman around! 


We are always open to fresh ideas to get people interested in history! Let's hear what you have to say! Call, email, or write an idea. You will find contact information at the bottom of this page. 


Interested in donating items or funds? We appreciate any help we can get! Become a sponsor* today at the following tiers:

Bronze - $100

Silver - $250

Gold - $500

Grand - $1000+

* Patrons can choose which exhibit they would like to sponsor. Gold and Grand tier patrons gain the option of designing the exhibit that they wish to sponsor - call for more details!

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